Sometimes to move ahead you must look back.;  so we consulted with a local beekeeper that has been

raising bees for over 30 years along the coastal region of the Patuxent River and Southern Maryland. 

He was willing to show us how to prepare and introduce our new Queen to  her colony

Preparing the  New Colony for the Beehive

No Brood Means No Queen Cells

We were very disappointed last year with our beehive.!  Somehow our queen died and the colony failed to make a new one before she passed. So the working bees just kept making honey, with no queen to lay eggs, resulting in no brood to raise.

 Introducing the New Colony to the Queen Bee

 Releasing the Queen Bee

The  new queen came in a small wooden box along with a few worker bees to tend to the queen’s needs. In the box there is a sugar plug; so that once she is in the hive, the bees can slowly consume the sugar and their new queen would be released